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There Are Many Types Of Fitness Equipment

Many types of fitness equipment can be divided into: rowing: mainly used to enhance arm strength, latissimus dorsi and action coordination. Body fitness machine: Unlike other fitness methods, users can experience different sports patterns and completely zero shock experience, Fitness Equipment similar to the stairs, walking, jogging and long-range free conversion. You can use this instant conversion mode feature to adjust your training pattern to target specific muscle group training. Elliptical machine: smooth and smooth movement trajectory and cross slope patented technology allows users to meet the biomechanical posture exercise muscle group, increasing the diversity and effectiveness of exercise. Fitness Equipment Zero resistance to exercise to reduce the occurrence of muscle strain. Exercise car: exercise, like riding a bike, mainly used to enhance the leg strength, enhance cardiovascular function. Stepper: mainly used to exercise the legs, waist, abdominal muscles and heart and lung function. Treadmill: mainly used to exercise the legs, buttocks, waist, abdominal muscles and heart and lung function. Beauty machine: can be on the waist, back to relax massage. Comprehensive multi-function device: generally include extension chest, pull up, supine elected, sit-ups and other fitness equipment function. Chest, pull up, supine recommended, mainly used to exercise upper limb strength and pectoralis muscle strength; sit-ups, mainly used to exercise the waist muscle group, reduce the waist and abdomen excess fat.

I do not know whether the small partners have noticed that a lot of people recently in the circle of friends and microblogging running. Whether it is running the road map or the number of kilometers on the treadmill, they seem to tell you: "I lose weight na!"

In fact, Fitness Equipment running can only reduce the fat, and can not be modified to look good - only with the strength of training to create a beautiful body. Especially for girls, the strength of training will not turn you into "muscle woman", will only make your overall lines become better.

But the gym that strength training fitness equipment is what? How to use Today for everyone Grilled a Grilled a variety of fitness equipment and its use, so that you no longer stay in the treadmill, Fitness Equipment the rapid progress of fitness equipment up to people ~

Gymnasium Basic Fitness Equipment 1 Panther

Action Name: bench press (barbell, dumbbell)

Target muscle group: chest muscle, deltoid muscle bundle and triceps

Variant action: on the recumbent push, down the slope to push

2 butterfly machine

Action Name: Butterfly machine folder chest, reverse butterfly machine folder chest

Target muscle group: chest muscle (chest seam), deltoid posterior bundle

3 gantry

Gantry can practice a lot of parts, here based on some basic action to introduce.

Action name: cross chest chest

Target muscle group: chest muscle

Action Name: leaning on the birds

Target muscle group: deltoid posterior bundle

Action Name: supine

Target muscle group: arm

Action name: posture kicks

Target muscle group: gluteus maximus

Gantry there are many kinds of use and training methods, Fitness Equipment know that the basic action, the other to be your development friends ~

4 Smith machine

Action Name: squat

Target muscle group: core muscle group

5 reverse pedal (leg lift)

Action name: leg lift

Target cluster: quadriceps

6 legs flexion and extension training device

Action name: leg flexion and extension

Target muscle group: quadriceps

7 leg curl training device

Action name: leg curl

Target cluster: biceps femoris, hamstring

8 high puller

Action name: high down (wide grip, narrow grip)

Target muscle group: back muscle group

9 Sitting boat

Action name: sitting rowing

Target muscle group: back muscle group

10 pastor stool

This fitness equipment can be done to every part of the body, is shaping the artifacts.

But if you buy a lesson in the gym, the coach only took you to the end of the practice of 360 practice, Fitness Equipment then Keep Jun can only say: change coach it Because the coach did not help you develop good sports habits, just take 360 perfunctory you do.