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The Use Of Steel Pipe Equipment Is Very Wide

There are many kinds of steel pipe equipment, in the production of steel pipe, the use of steel pipe equipment needs to be used in accordance with the production process, the correct use of the operation to produce high-quality steel pipe.

Steel pipe equipment is widely used, is used in construction, port machinery, pile pipe and a variety of transmission lines, the non-destructive testing methods are mainly automatic ultrasonic testing, manual ultrasonic testing, industrial television X-ray detection and X-ray film, Different requirements and different standards, the choice of one or more non-destructive testing methods and to detect the quality of its weld. Now used in such as oil, gas and other pressure pipelines on the spiral submerged arc welded pipe, due to the high quality requirements of the weld, often these four non-destructive testing methods and use, and the focus is often concentrated in the tube end detection. Because the tube end of the flaw detection is not only the characteristics of the body test, Steel Pipe Equipment but also because of the special location of the weld, the difficulty of detection is higher than the body, plus there are chamfer and diameter and field docking will be re-welding and other practical problems Pipe end flaw detection status is very important. In the case of four non-destructive testing methods at the same time, how to highlight the most important, for sure to grasp and control the quality of submerged spiral welded pipe weld should be useful.

Here I put myself in the actual work, with four kinds of use of steel pipe equipment, non-destructive testing and testing methods in the spiral submerged arc pipe pipe pipe inspection process encountered problems and ideas, Steel Pipe Equipment briefly to analyze some.

1, ultrasonic automatic detection

Ultrasonic automatic flaw detection is used to detect spiral submerged arc welded pipe quality is very economical and effective means of detection. But it involves all aspects of the various aspects of the place, not to mention the domestic manufacturers of automatic production of ultrasonic equipment on the uneven quality. Even if there is a certain degree of well-known and excellent quality of the automatic ultrasonic flaw detection equipment, its mechanical and electrical system matching with the appropriate, Steel Pipe Equipment interactive and interference, tracking and coupling, these devices can give their best ultrasonic flaw detection conditions, and under normal circumstances Of artificial ultrasonic flaw detection conditions compared to, or there is a lot of distance. And these conditions will directly affect the stability of the detection of the stability and accuracy. Automatic ultrasonic flaw detection in the end of the tube when the adverse factors, than in the body when the detection is more prominent. Take the ultrasonic probe holder, the general have a certain downward gravity, which is to ensure the coupling effect of the probe and the steel plate. However, due to the existence of slope of the spiral pipe weld, Steel Pipe Equipment if any automatic testing equipment has been kept to the end of the pipe, the probe holder on a few probes will be followed by a sequence, the gravity will not cause a probe on the plane Damage to the equipment. So in the actual flaw detection process in order to avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon, automatic ultrasonic flaw detection equipment is often not come to the end of the pipe, in the head of the brake, leaving a small section of the weld, it will become a permanent ultrasonic flaw detection area The Ultrasonic automatic flaw detection equipment in the start and hit the moment when the interference seems inevitable, jitter and instability and often lead to defects in false positives and omission phenomenon. Steel Pipe Equipment These are helpless and disturbing problems in the automatic end-of-pipe inspection of both ends of the spiral welded pipe.

2, manual ultrasonic testing

Manual ultrasonic flaw detection plays an important role in the detection of spiral submerged arc welded pipe. So in the automatic ultrasonic flaw detection process defects or doubt, in principle, must be manually ultrasonic flaw detection re-proof, in order to avoid misjudgment and misjudgment of the phenomenon. And the general state of the butt weld under the ultrasonic flaw detection, spiral submerged arc welding manual ultrasonic flaw detection and there is no big difference, in addition to the oil and gas industry, Steel Pipe Equipment ultrasonic testing sensitivity test block selection vertical hole and groove as artificial defects, different In some other industries the choice of length and length of the hole, there are spiral pipe bending and spiral weld particularity need to be considered, whether it is technical specifications or technical methods are more mature. But not without problems, spiral welded pipe end of the ultrasonic flaw detection mobile scanning area is insufficient. For ultrasonic testing, the moving area of the probe is very important, the satisfaction of the moving area, directly related to the weld area at all levels of scanning, defect detection and length measurement and quantitative, and ultimately affect the detection results.