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Safety Requirements For Playground Equipment

The amusement park equipment's development is more and more rapid, the amusement park equipment's variety is also more and more diverse, but the visitor has put forward the higher request to the amusement park equipment, besides the most important safety question, an investment amusement project also needs to have the entertainment, the educational characteristic and so on.

Characteristics of playground equipment.

1. Safety: The playground equipment with high safety factor is often the largest in the playground, the combination of the playground equipment and parts is very strong to ensure normal operation, and the materials used can not contain harmful chemicals and flammable substances, Playground Equipment so as to avoid affecting the health of tourists.

2, interesting strong: to allow visitors to maintain a long-term interest, so that tourists can not get tired of playing, maintain a large number of old customer base.

3, stimulate the senses: can stimulate the senses of tourists, Playground Equipment using different colors, touch to stimulate the child's sensory growth.

4, suitable child age: The square amusement item mostly is the child to play, the difficulty is too big will let the child have the feeling of frustration, Playground Equipment too simple play once do not want to play again, suitable for the child's age amusement project not only lets the child feel the fun also can let them explore the playground equipment actively, trains their positive character.

Playground equipment, such as a lot of play items, such as luxury turn horse, bumper cars, Ferris wheel, roller coaster, Ferris car, and so on, some of the playground equipment in the air operation, such a play project requires its overall structure should be solid and reliable, Playground Equipment its important components should take insurance measures. Here is a detailed description of the safety standards for playground equipment:

Playground Equipment Method/procedure

1. Safety Insurance measures

Playground equipment in the air operation of the human part, the overall structure should be solid and reliable, its important components should take insurance measures.

The number of wire ropes or chains used for hanging by people shall not be less than two. Playground Equipment The connection to the seating section must be balanced when a disconnect is considered.

The door of the closed cockpit above 1m above ground must be provided with two locking devices which cannot be opened in the interior or a locking device with insurance. The blocking of the inlet and outlet of the closed cockpit shall also be provided with an insurance locking device.

When the playground equipment is in operation, Playground Equipment the power supply suddenly loses power or the equipment fails, which endangers the safety of the passengers, an automatic or manual emergency parking device must be provided.

After the failure of the operation, there should be the measures to divert people.

2. By the person safety restraint device

When the playground equipment is running, it is possible for a person to be able to move, collide, or be thrown out of a ride, or to slip out of it, with a restraint device. For recreational facilities with greater risk, two sets of separate binding devices should be considered when necessary. Can use seat belts, safety pressure bars, retaining rods and so on.

Binding device: Should be reliable, comfortable, Playground Equipment with the direct contact with the parts of the appropriate softness. The design of the binding device should be able to prevent a person from being pinched or injured in a certain area, which should be easily adjusted and easy to operate.

Seat belts: Can be used alone for slight sway or slow take-off, not to flip out the danger of the facility, the use of seat belts should generally be equipped with auxiliary handles. For sports-intensive facilities, the seatbelt can be used as an auxiliary restraint device.

Safety Pressure Bar: When the amusement facilities run, may lead to the danger that the person is thrown out, the corresponding type of safety pressure bar must be set; the security bar itself must have sufficient strength and locking force to ensure that visitors are not thrown out or dropped, and always locked up before the device stops running.

3. Safety Requirements for safety fences and platforms

The safety fence shall be set up and exported separately and should be provided with a guide fence at the inlet. The platform should have non-slip measures.

The direction of safety gate should be in accordance with the direction of the travelling person (except for special cases). In order to prevent damage to the hands of the person when closing, the clearance between the door frame and the column should be appropriate or other protective measures should be taken.

While running up and down rides the person's amusement facility, Playground Equipment by the person part's import and export should not be higher than the platform to have the MM. Other amusement facilities by person part import and export distance platform height, should be convenient up and down.

4. Other security requirements

Playground equipment shall be provided with eye-catching safety markings where necessary. The security flag is divided into four types, such as prohibition sign (red), warning sign (yellow), instruction mark (blue), hint mark (green), and so on.