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Safety Measures For Playground Equipment

Playground equipment for safety to do a good job safety device, then what security equipment to do?

1. The binding device should be reliable, restrained, and there is no suitable softness in direct contact with the person. The restraint device should be designed so that it can be easily adjusted if it is caught or crushed by a certain part. Easy to operate.

2. The binding device shall be securely fastened to the structural parts of the playground equipment. Playground Equipment In the normal working conditions must be able to withstand the maximum force.

3. Playground equipment design should be design specifications, calculation books, instructions and in line with national standards of the full set of construction plans.

4. Design of tall playground equipment, Playground Equipment in addition to considering the permanent load, variable load, must also take into account the earthquake and other special load and temperature on the overall structure of the impact.

5. Playground equipment and ancillary facilities of the design, should be calculated correctly, reasonable structure, to ensure the safety of people. Can not be accurate calculation, Playground Equipment the experimental data can be used to check. Playground equipment design should specify the machine and the main components of the design life, the machine life of not less than 23000h.

Playground equipment safety insurance measures:

1) When the playground equipment is in operation, the power supply suddenly power failure or equipment failure, endanger the safety of passengers, must be equipped with automatic or manual emergency stop device.

2) Playground equipment in operation after the failure, Playground Equipment there should be measures to ease the ride.

3) hanging on the part of the use of the number of wire rope or chain shall not be less than two. The connection to the seating part must be balanced when a break is considered.

4) Closed cockpit doors above 1m above the ground must be equipped with two locking devices which can not be opened internally or an insured locking device. Non-enclosed cockpit at the entrance of the block, there should be an insurance lock device.

5) playground equipment in the air running part of the overall structure should be solid and reliable, Playground Equipment and its important parts should take insurance measures.

Take the safety restraint device:

1) Shackle device: should be reliable, comfortable, and direct access to the parts with the appropriate flexibility. The binding device should be designed to prevent any part from being caught or crushed, easily adjusted and easy to operate.

2) Safe bar: When the playground equipment is running, it may cause the risk of being thrown out. Playground Equipment You must set the corresponding type of safety bar; the safety bar itself must have sufficient strength and locking force to ensure that the visitor is not Thrown or dropped, and is always locked until the device is stopped.

3) seat belts: can be used alone for a slight swing or lift speed is slow, there is no flip without being thrown out of the dangerous facilities, Playground Equipment the use of seat belts should generally be equipped with auxiliary handle. For strenuous facilities, Playground Equipment seat belts can be used as auxiliary restraints.

4) When the playground equipment is running, the person may be moved, collided or thrown out of the rally, and must be provided with a binding device. For more dangerous playground equipment, if necessary, should consider two sets of independent binding device. Can be used seat belts, safety bars, bar and so on.

Safety requirements for safety fences and platforms:

1) The safety barrier opening direction should be consistent with the direction of travel (except in special circumstances). In order to prevent injury to the hands of the person when the door is closed, Playground Equipment the clearance between the door frame and the column should be appropriate or other protective measures taken. The

2) safety fence should be set up, exports, in the import office should be set to guide the fence. Platform should have anti-slip measures.

While the side of the play side of the playground equipment, take part of the import and export should not be higher than the platform 300 mm. Other playground equipment by the part of the import and export from the height of the platform should be easy to the upper and lower.