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Playground Equipment Selection Skills

Life there are a lot of playground equipment, there are so many playground equipment to change how to consider safety? What do you need to pay attention to when considering safety? The same time as

1, swing machine, roller coaster, swing and other playground equipment to consider the product's buffer performance.

2, to consider the playground equipment, there will be no children's hands and feet, Playground Equipment the head caught in the inside of the site, this situation must be eliminated. The same time as

3, playground equipment should not be sharp exposed parts, such as screws, if the child's clothes will lead to the occurrence of danger. The same time as

4, to use with high-performance, durable materials, Playground Equipment improve the quality of the product is also a guarantee of safety. The same time as

5, there is a certain height of the playground equipment to set up fence, Playground Equipment to prevent visitors accidental fall.

How is the playground equipment pick? What skills do you need to pay attention to when picking? The same time as

One, look at quality

Quality is the life of the playground equipment, good playground equipment within six months will be able to recover the cost of the general, the quality of the playground playground equipment is not a long time to use bad, Playground Equipment not only do not return the cost of cost savings , So investors in the playground equipment to pay attention to the quality of time. The same time as

Second, the selection of playground equipment

Buy a playground equipment to choose the new, new playground equipment modeling with the trend, Playground Equipment the manufacturing process is also new, playability. The same time as

Three, more to see more

Buy the playground equipment to go to the field to look at the inspection process to see more ask, see: see the playground equipment overall shape, processing technology, color matching. Q: understand the situation, such as what materials, composition, thickness, Playground Equipment material tensile strength to be strong.