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Playground Equipment Selection Skills

How to choose a playground device

The same kind of equipment, such as carousel, all kinds of specifications are, such as 2, 3, 6, 24, etc., the same specifications from ten thousand to ten million have, The same equipment differences why so much, how to choose the playground equipment has become the operator need to consider the issue. Nowadays, Playground Equipment people are getting more and more demands for the diversification of playground equipment. Here's how to choose the playground equipment in order to help the operators understand more playground equipment.

1, shape

Shape is always the first factor to attract tourists, especially for children, Playground Equipment beautiful appearance and light will give operators to bring a good business situation, to give customers a good impression, then the best shape is meaning , Playground Equipment Many passengers feel that there are things that can bring good luck, which will promote them as your regulars.

2, quality

Quality is the fundamental of the entire playground equipment, good quality equipment will give customers a good impression, if the equipment when the accident, Playground Equipment not only will affect the customer's mood, they will feel that this device is not good and refused to come play.

3, paint

The choice of paint is very important, Playground Equipment the car can be used to achieve fresh paint, light, light effect, and ordinary paint bleak, the sun and the sun will fade a few months.

4, FRP

Playground equipment decoration is the device's finishing touch, gorgeous decoration on the appearance of the effect has a good effect, the decoration is full of glass fiber reinforced plastic parts, so the part of the glass fiber to do fine fine.

The location of the playground equipment

First, sit. Good location is half of the success of the playground equipment. First of all, if you are in the urban areas, downtown downtown certainly have similar projects, you are going to engage in competition with others, that the whole high-end atmosphere on the grade, from the gas field to defeat the opponent, Playground Equipment or else slowly after the competition Really hard Small direction, the super is preferred, if the rent is insufficient, you can do an independent store, the location can be done, what the community can be.

Second: documents. On the playground equipment, documents around the different requirements, must be considered before the operation of good consultation.

Third: equipment. This is not a reference standard, but still hope that you not only take into account the price also take into account the quality and life of the problem, Playground Equipment the quality is still better.

Fourth: publicity, advertising. The more budget you invest, the more money you invest in this area. If it is a small town, do not need publicity. But to do card, month card, quarter card, the card, to sell out, Playground Equipment the basic cost can be recovered. If it is a small county. Can be absorbed through the membership system to increase the flow of people, while increasing consumption can also lead the popularity! There is no money to do business, only people who do not do business.

Fifth: post-operation. This is mainly to see how you run, if the previous points are doing a good job, so spend more thought, basically no problem.