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Playground Equipment Maintenance Work

Now there are many playground equipment, in the face of so many playground equipment to change how to consider safe? What should the safety of the playground equipment be considered? 

The same time as First, the design and production of the playground equipment are completed by the co-operation between the designer and the engineer, and the design is based on the size, size, weight and so on of the children's groups of the playground equipment operator Product size, Playground Equipment construction and materials. In the visual appearance to have a new shape and eye-catching colors, at the same time have a fully safe structure. Second, Playground Equipment the playground equipment to have an experienced professional maintenance staff should be able to in the shortest possible time to exclude and locate the fault. Playground equipment operating profit with the time has a close relationship, the machine running money, machine failure will lose money. Playground Equipment So it's important to fight for time. The other one, after a period of operation may be a very subtle fault, experienced professional maintenance personnel can be observed and simple detection can determine whether the problem, so that this can avoid the accident occurred The The same time as

Third, the maintenance work should be regularly on the key parts of the observation and replacement of the relevant parts of the work. Some people think that the playground equipment is actually a bunch of iron frame only, it is wrong, the playground equipment structures are designed by the designer, including each angle, Playground Equipment how long each arm and the motor power, etc. are Can be carried out after the argument. Therefore, the playground equipment key parts such as motor, equipment arm maintenance is very important. In fact, Playground Equipment as long as these are done, the other is the problem is nothing but nothing serious things, so maintenance must have a focus.

What are the rules to choose from the playground equipment?

In recent years, the playground equipment in the continuous increase, which face so many array of playground equipment how to choose it? What are the rules for choosing a playground device?

1, the appearance of the playground equipment

For children, the beautiful appearance, wonderful music to attract their attention and curiosity, so the playground equipment to the visitors the first impression is the most important, Playground Equipment the design must have the meaning, you can retain customers. The same time as

2, quality problems

For quality problems, we are self-evident, just produced the playground equipment paint must be fresh, bright, and children can not have the release of polluting gas, Playground Equipment the material must be selected.

3, the strength of the playground equipment manufacturers

Must go to the regular playground equipment manufacturers to buy, have a production certificate, including other corresponding procedures and so on.