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Mini Flying Chair Maintenance

1: every day to check the flying Chair anchor bolts, look for loose, corroded, rusted.

2: periodically check the flying Chair of ground base and Foundation, cannot affect the normal operation of the basis differential settlement, cracking and loosening and other anomalies.

3: periodically check the main force structure, overall force structure should be safe and reliable, there should be no cracks, deformation, corrosion, wear and tear, mechanical damage, such as defects that affect safety.

4: checks for critical welds per day, and should ensure that no welding, fractures and severe corrosion.

5: bolted connection between the parts to be checked every day to prevent loosening of the measures are intact, shed measure PIN is intact.

6: every day to check the handles, seat belts or safety bars are fixed firmly, no damage to safety pressure bars should not affect the security of air travel that movements are flexible.

7: to change checking wearing parts. To check whether adults with partial suspension device insurance is in good condition without damage.

8: check the lubrication point, its status is normal, if you need to add lubricant, and you want to add lubricant to lubricate as required, no droplets, no moving parts should not seep.