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Maintenance Skills For Playground Equipment

When we use the playground equipment, we must do a good job of maintenance of the playground equipment so that we can guarantee the complete and playing of the playground equipment, so how do we maintain the playground equipment?

One: Plastic parts and glass fiber, can be used soap water, disinfection detergent, bleaching powder, Playground Equipment such as diluted soaked, with soft cloth or soft brush scrub, and then rinse with water, clean cloth dry or dry. Finally, spray disinfection with 84 disinfectant solution.

Two: Soft sponge can be used to wash the soft cloth with soapy water, or placed in the sun to disinfect.

Three: moisture-resistant, heat-resistant, not faded wood parts, can be washed with soap blisters dry, and then with 84 disinfection liquid spray disinfection.

Four: Metal parts if required to rust, can be used brush brush to float rust, Playground Equipment wipe clean with dry cloth; In the sun after exposure can buy some colorless three and the card from spray paint distance of 20 centimeters, sweep the side of the spray again, to dry again after the spray, play a protective role. Clean, dry and disinfect the paint after all.

Five: The electrical circuit part of the cleaning, Playground Equipment first of all to ensure that power outages, prohibit watering, generally with wet cloth scrub, after drying and then connected to the power.

Six: all playground equipment, open-air slides, drilling drum parts should not be in the rainy days after the accumulation of water, if so, should be played at the lowest point of a diameter of 4 mm hole drainage.

VII: If it is indoor activity room, ground, Playground Equipment wall and so on, daily ultraviolet radiation disinfection, indoor ventilation. Once a week with hydrogen peroxide spray disinfection.

Eight: Of course, disinfection must also check the connection part is not firm, Metal frequently active connection part refueling, circuit electrical appliances and ordinary parts have no damage

Now the work is more and more difficult to do, want to have a better business, you need to understand and grasp the psychology of consumers. Playground equipment is very popular with consumers, what kind of playground equipment can better capture children?

First, the playground equipment is not limited usage, the child can research and develop their own favorite play, parents do not give children a certain goal, for example, in the child's world may be the egg is a square, tomatoes are round.

Every child is a separate individual, their thinking is also different, their world is simple, in their world No day specific rules, to sex children play toys do not have the rules, Playground Equipment can be very good exercise children's imagination, let them in the game constantly explore.

In addition, it must be beneficial to the child's growth, Playground Equipment cater to the psychological characteristics of children, both simple and easy to understand, but also novel fun, such as some comprehensive playground equipment, is every child to experience the growth process, it can promote healthy development of the body, but also beneficial and mental development, so that our children smart, healthy, lovely, Do you not want to be sensible?

If you choose to be everywhere for children to think, parents can see, the child can also feel the fun of your selection of playground equipment, Playground Equipment to seize the hearts of children and parents you have done.