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Maintenance Of Fitness Equipment

After buying the gym equipment, don't think it's all over. Two issues must be brought to the attention: one is the correct use, the other is maintenance and maintenance. The former is in order to obtain the better exercise effect, the latter is to avoid the injury accident, Fitness Equipment lengthens the fitness equipment service life.

(a) How to properly use

1. Assembly is the first problem people encounter. The gym is more for disassembly and assembly, not for use, and some parts need to be reassembled. Before assembling, first carefully read the product manual, and then strictly follow the instructions on the assembly process. Don't be self-righteous and do what you want. Fitness Equipment After the assembly is finished, check to confirm that there is no blocking phenomenon, and then put into use not later.

2. Exercise, in addition to choose good for their own weight, but also pay attention to the fitness equipment to the appropriate location, such as the angle of the oblique plate, seat position, Fitness Equipment as well as the plug is plugged, rope has no fracture, etc. These details relate to both training quality and safety.

3. When exercising on a fitness device with a counterweight, the hands of a handshake handle or lever must not be suddenly lowered, and the muscular force is used to control its slow fall. This will not only enable the main exercise muscle in the slow stretching process is fully stimulated, Fitness Equipment to obtain the best training effect, and do not damage the fitness equipment, reduce noise, prolong its service life.

4, after the practice, the folding part to follow the standard procedure, and then push the fitness equipment to the original position, such as the storeroom, under the bed or behind the door. This is not only good for the bedroom neat, also will not bring trouble to the family.

5. If the plug on the fitness equipment is lost, Fitness Equipment it can not be used as a temporary substitute for things like iron nails, so as to avoid accidents.

(b) How to maintain the maintenance

1. Fitness equipment surface more than chromium plating or spray treatment, so do not feel at will at ordinary times, lest perspiration residue on it. Over time, Khan Yan will make fitness equipment to produce rust, affect the appearance. Fitness Equipment It is best to wipe with a soft cloth often to keep it dry.

2. The body-building system is connected with bolts and should be noticed that the bolts are loose, worn and peeled off, and promptly fastened or replaced. Generally after a year of use, must give bearings, pulleys and other parts add a little oil or grease, but also a comprehensive inspection of the various parts of the bolts, nuts, and again to tighten.

3. Fitness equipment on the wire rope for a long time because of force, after a period of time may be slightly extended, this is normal phenomenon, no need to Shang. As long as the location of the pulley to adjust the pin, it can be resolved.

4. The spring tension on the fitness device should be often coated with a little grease, Fitness Equipment so as not to rust. Once a crack or serious corrosion is found, it must be replaced immediately.

5. Once the fitness equipment problems, do not be afraid of trouble and be reckless. The best choice is to call the manufacturer and ask them to send a person to repair. At present, Fitness Equipment brand-name products in major cities have a warranty point. The warranty period of fitness equipment is more than 3 years.