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Kindergarten Furniture To Increase The Taste Of Life

Children's healthy and happy growth can not be separated from the attention of parents and the whole society and attention, in the growing environment of concern, we have the obligation to create a green for children, color and functionality of the living environment. On the design of kindergarten furniture, we should not only pay attention to its rationality, but also to be interesting, so that children are physically and mentally satisfied. Indoor Kindergarten Furniture According to China's current kindergarten design situation, there are a lot of places to note, we shoulder the next generation of comprehensive and healthy development of the task, so we need to design kindergarten furniture, put more attention and research.

Most children aged between 3 and 6 years old are spent in kindergarten. During this period the children's body organs continue to grow, although the individual does not lead to gender, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture personality development is different, but the psychological performance is basically the same. They are lively, full of energy, with the unknown world full of longing and love. During this period the children experienced from the limb coordination to the use of language two stages, but also the gradual formation of thinking period. At this point the child's mental development is very immature, very curious and imitative, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture these are their growth and access to knowledge of the important way. At this stage, children's cognitive ability early, and rapid development, but also constantly accept the outside world information. These cognitive performance for the color, vision, hearing, touch and other aspects of cognition, they are full of curiosity to the outside world, through the perception of color, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture the shape of the identification and touch the object to perceive the outside world, access to information , And finally stored in the brain. In view of these characteristics of children, kindergarten furniture design is also traceable, and follow a certain scientific basis.

Kindergarten furniture has an ideal concept of function, that is, the furniture is divided into several areas. The first is the sleep function area. When children finish learning and entertainment, they will need to rest to supplement the body's energy. As children consume too much physical energy, this time there is a need to be completely relaxed, quiet, and very safe environment to provide them. So the sleep area of the furniture design needs color appropriate, functional comfort, in order to improve the quality of the child's sleep. Followed by the study area. In order to create a good learning environment for children, you need to have a good teaching furniture. In the design of furniture, we should pay attention to the protection of children's vision, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture but also to better focus on children's attention, so we should adopt some peaceful colors, while paying attention to the comfort of furniture. Finally, the game area. In order to allow children to be completely relaxed, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture but also in the game to strengthen the ability to need a bright environment and a variety of furniture environment, to stimulate children's creativity and imagination. In view of this, kindergarten furniture features mainly include three aspects.

1. comfort

Kindergarten furniture design in addition to meet the ergonomic principles and psychological needs of children, but also safe and sanitary, non-toxic harmless. Therefore, the material needs to focus on furniture considerations, this is not only the requirements of health, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture but also attach importance to the comfort of kindergarten furniture. The size of kindergarten furniture directly affects the comfort of kindergarten furniture, if the height and angle of children's furniture and furniture have a problem, not only make children feel uncomfortable, but also affect the children's sitting position, and even lead to decreased vision and affect development, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture Such as our children appear amblyopia and scoliosis problems, one of the reasons is the incorrect sitting position. Therefore, the size of kindergarten furniture design requires scientific guidance, rational design.

2. entertaining

Kindergarten children are in the curious stage of the outside world, need to grow in the bounce development, in the game to explore the world, access to new information. Because of this, kindergarten furniture design should focus on entertainment, in the shape of furniture and technical content on the mind. Such as "slide", "rock climbing" this simple recreational facilities, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture but also to the children of the body of the coordination and action of the maturity, beneficial to the growth of children. As we all know a very famous "naughty fort" entertainment equipment, is a multi-functional children's products, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture let the children through the entertainment physical fitness, expand thinking.

3. practicality

Kindergarten furniture design is not only for good looking and comfortable, there is an important principle, is practical. Furniture and the need for a scientific and rational height of the design, in line with the characteristics of children's height, cabinet doors and drawers to push and pull, easy to use children; Indoor Kindergarten Furniture all kinds of cabinets, and even the sofa and chairs are likely to become children's canvas, Dirty, easy to wash the characteristics of the child's nature as lively, naughty naughty, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture they may move furniture at any time, which requires furniture center of gravity stability, so that children avoid accidental injury.

Kindergarten furniture points

1. modeling choice

(1) simple geometric modeling

Simple geometry is a circular, square, spherical and other forms of simple shape, in the furniture design in a different direction from the traditional direction of the structure, belonging to the kindergarten furniture in a new design concept, giving the front of a Bright feeling. China's kindergarten furniture to this simple geometric modeling as the main design direction, and gradually become the mainstream, play a fundamental guiding role. In kindergarten furniture in the use of more round and square, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture which includes the cylinder and the cube and other three-dimensional graphics. Round kindergarten furniture shape with roundness and fullness of the dual characteristics, so the simple geometric modeling of furniture is known as the most perfect design, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture in the kindergarten furniture market, circular furniture occupies a larger market share.

(2) geometric modeling and natural modeling combined

Children who receive pre-school education are eager to be close to nature, understand nature, and be curious about things outside. In the psychological research, this stage of the children's curiosity is strong, therefore, in the kindergarten furniture will be geometric modeling and natural modeling combined, is conducive to children's learning, growth, intellectual development and other aspects to create a good environment. In the geometric furniture on the basis of the shape of natural elements to add, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture to meet the psychological needs of children and the desire to seek knowledge, as a new type of furniture design concept. As a new type of art language, it can effectively guide children's psychological, spiritual development to the direction of health.

2. Color selection

Will be the combination of natural color and human color to achieve the organic unity of color. Furniture inherent color refers to the furniture itself presented by the color, such as maple, poplar texture furniture, the color itself, so that children close contact with nature, to cultivate children love the good quality of nature. Solid wood furniture, high safety performance, is conducive to the health of children, at the same time, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture the inherent color of solid wood furniture can bring immersive feelings for children, the understanding of nature more comprehensive, which brings sensual relaxation. Children can rest in the rest of the bed can choose some bright colors, color with a reasonable, flexible-based decorations. In ensuring the inherent color of furniture at the same time, but also add some human color. Children are in the sky of the growth period, therefore, the color choice to adapt to the psychological development of children. The choice of human color mainly on the use of light-colored, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture warm and soft, color highlighting pleasure, such as water pink, milky white, try to avoid the choice of cool, dark color design, the inherent color and human color combination, The overall feeling of furniture design gives a soft and warm feeling, but also can increase the visual effects and improve children's artistic accomplishment.

3. Size design

Kindergarten furniture to meet the physical characteristics of children to meet the basic requirements of children's ergonomics, taking full account of children in the use of safety performance and performance, to meet the needs of children's activities. For example, in children's toy cabinet design, because the children's arms shorter, so the depth of the toy cabinet should not exceed the maximum range of children's arms stretched in the height of the design, not more than one meter, so easy for children to find and take Toys, and always pay attention to the height of the toy cabinet, length, width, to prevent the toy cabinet and other kindergarten furniture together when the formation of the edges and corners of the child's body damage.

4. visual effects

(1) restore ecological modeling

Children under the age of six are the main subjects of kindergarten teaching, at this stage of the children have extraordinary creativity and imagination, if the kindergarten furniture design is too rigid will kill the child of this nature. Therefore, in the furniture design and decoration should be the needs of children as the main direction of development, so as to ensure the rational development of furniture functions to ensure that children sleep, learning, games and other activities of the normal development. Artistic characteristics and furniture design is complementary to each other, the ecological modeling and furniture design organic combination, in the embodiment of artistic atmosphere, but also can show the furniture to bring the child's affinity, abstract thinking into a concrete form.

(2) reasonable coordination of color

In the kindergarten furniture, the most intuitive visual impact on children is the color with the coordination, this intuitive visual impact is through the color of the warm and tidy, the combination of brightness and other aspects of performance. In kindergarten furniture to avoid too strong color contrast visual impact, once taken this strong color contrast, will make children anxious, restless, disturbed negative emotions, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture thus distracting children in the kindergarten learning process of attention [ 6]. Therefore, the furniture design to clear the color of the rational coordination, the use of soft and warm colors easier to accept children. Therefore, to do the design of color reasonable coordination can create a warm, soft visual effects, to create a conducive to children's growth, learning the educational environment.

(3) to increase the taste of life

Love is the nature of children, so kindergarten furniture can also become a child in the hands of toys, entertainment, thereby increasing children's lives, learning the life of the fun. In the furniture design to be made to meet the children's entertainment style, so that children in kindergarten rest, life, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture learning and furniture can produce a certain degree of interaction, is conducive to the development of children's intelligence and improve children's creativity. Furniture in the entertainment at the same time, but also in the function with a certain interest, to attract children's attention and improve learning interest, so as to ensure that children's creative thinking ability to be improved. Fifth, the conclusion to the children to create a fun and educational growth environment, is the responsibility of educators and the whole society. Kindergarten is a healthy growth of children's garden, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture the importance of children's furniture design in kindergarten has been reflected. We need to according to the characteristics of children's physical and psychological design of children's furniture, under the guidance of scientific, and strive for children to create a healthy and environmentally friendly, fun childhood life, so that the next generation of the motherland to grow.