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Kindergarten Furniture Makes It Easy For Young Children To Use

The design of kindergarten furniture is not only for good-looking and comfort, but also for an important principle, which is practical. Furniture needs a scientific and reasonable height design, in line with the child's height characteristics, cabinet doors and drawers to be easy to push and pull, convenient for children to use; all kinds of cabinets, even sofas and chairs are likely to become children's canvas, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture which requires it has a stain-resistant, easy to wash characteristics; Because the child's nature lively, naughty and naughty, They may move furniture at any time, which requires a steady focus on the furniture to keep children from accidental injuries.

Kindergarten furniture is indispensable in the establishment of kindergartens, but some kindergarten furniture is not strong practicality, after purchase, most also use, so, in the choice of kindergarten furniture, should choose some more applicable products, in addition, kindergarten children are very young age, in the choice of kindergarten furniture should also pay attention to some related matters, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture In order to ensure that children are truly healthy and happy growth, below we look at the kindergarten furniture related issues:

Choose Kindergarten furniture should pay attention to which:

1, Anti-collision. Don't underestimate the rounded corners of children's desks, cabinets, and lockers, which are useful for securing children's activities. Because the children are very moving, in the room jump is often the matter, accidentally will bump into the corner of the table, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture if the table corner is sharp, easy to cause harm.

2, for young children to use the kindergarten furniture to meet the child's body size, highly appropriate, so that children free to take the necessary toys and items, so that children can be used easily, feel comfortable.

3, put the security in the first place. The furniture of kindergartens should be sturdy, and the material of poisonous or irritating gases should not be used. Kindergarten furniture surface around and edge can not have sharp edges and corners, lobes and iron nails exposed, so as not to cut, hurt children.

4, the kindergarten furniture color should be crisp, rich and elegant, reflecting the children's aesthetic taste, can also be painted on the surface of children's favorite pictures. At the same time to pay attention to the integrity of the color, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture create a harmonious and not dull and make the child favorite color.

5. Prevent clamp injury. Widely used in the closet, drawer door damper can let the door slowly rebound, so that there is time for the child to happen to the grip of the danger of the reaction, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture even if the hand back, not because the closed cabinet force too strong, suddenly inadvertently put his small finger clip hurt.

6, prevent cut injury, many children's kindergarten furniture will be decorated with shiny aluminum side, however, most of the metal edge is more sharp, children's skin is more delicate, it is likely to touch the past hand was scratched, Mickey World's director told reporters, now children's Kindergarten furniture aluminum edge design gradually used less, more to use adhesive edge. And some of the metal as the framework supporting the role of the angle to the inside, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture as far as possible to reduce the children touch the possibility. Like a screw can also have a sharp metal edge, this situation will use a special metal fastener to cover the sharp screws.