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Kindergarten Furniture In Line With Children's Growth

Pick kindergarten furniture need to pay attention to matters

For kindergarten furniture bear the brunt of the safety and environmental protection is the two most important aspects, but also kindergarten is responsible for the performance of a child. Guangdong Shepherd summed up the following: environmental protection:

1, environmentally friendly materials: solid wood children's furniture with its environmental health does not contain formaldehyde as the first choice. Followed by plate children's furniture, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture then plastic kindergarten furniture.

2, the surface material: the surface material is for solid wood furniture, environmentally friendly water-based paint and wood wax oil design is the first choice for kindergarten solid wood furniture surface paint.

Kindergarten furniture security

1, kindergarten furniture corner design

All furniture corners have been lathe, sanding, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture pick kindergarten furniture to pay attention to grinding, to ensure that furniture without edges and corners, no burr. To ensure that the surface is smooth.

2, kindergarten furniture hardware choice

Exposed all the hardware, including all round, curved design, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture solid wood furniture handle more to buckle design, to avoid security risks.

3, kindergarten furniture specifications

Kindergarten furniture design designed to meet the children's growth, mainly bed height, up and down the bed of the size and size of the middle of the design.

Practicality and design rationality

Kindergarten furniture in the beautiful appearance, color with a reasonable premise, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture must meet the use of children and children's comfort needs. And most of the furniture company in the design are copy and paste the process, innovation and rationality is questionable.

Kindergarten furniture in the material nature, style, size, etc. should be consistent with the physical and mental development characteristics of children, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture so that children feel comfortable in use, to prevent the various factors leading to trauma.

1. tables and chairs

Tables and chairs of the health requirements are mainly: the size of tables and chairs to meet the height of the child's height and the proportion of the body; chair weight to be appropriate, a reasonable table cleaning and disinfection system.

Tables and chairs are one of the longest-used children in kindergarten. Indoor Kindergarten Furniture Appropriate tables and chairs help to cultivate children's good posture, prevent the spine from bending, protect eyesight, prevent fatigue, and help children's normal development.

The size of children's tables and chairs should be based on the height of children and their upper and lower limbs to determine the proportion. Child chair weight should not exceed 2.5 kg. Whether the chair is suitable for the child's body depends on the chair height, chair depth, chair width and back is appropriate. Indoor Kindergarten Furniture Each age class is best equipped with three different sizes of tables and chairs. Children within the height of 10CM, you can use the same size of the tables and chairs. At the same time, should also pay attention to the height of the child changes, constantly adjust the tables and chairs, so that it always adapt to the development and needs of children.

Kindergarten furniture in the purchase should pay attention to what?

1, bright colors bright, so you can attract the attention of children, Indoor Kindergarten Furniture you can make them more fun to play.

2, the edge of the table are round arc, do not have sharp furniture to avoid the children bump, causing unnecessary damage.

3, the classroom is best to have a large vacant place, you can let the children do the game.

4, the furniture is best not to have iron things.

5, if possible, the floor with non-slip material to do.