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Fitness Equipment On The Exercise Considerations

Fitness equipment often to the number of training functions into a single function and integrated multi-functional two categories, commonly used rowers, bodybuilder, Jianbu machine, treadmill, the United States and so on. Exercise on the fitness equipment to 4 attention

Note 1: Do not exercise too much. In the past often participate in physical exercise, can be appropriate to improve the amount of exercise, the general pulse is not more than 110 times / minute is appropriate, Fitness Equipment the maximum shall not exceed 120 times / minute. In the past, Fitness Equipment or often do not participate in physical exercise of the old comrades, we must first choose their own sports.

Note 2: exercise must be prepared before the activities, Fitness Equipment warm up 10 to 15 minutes. This can prevent twisting the neck, twisting and nerve damage.

Note three: after exercise to do some finishing activities. Because people in the movement after the expansion of the capillaries, if sitting on the ground in situ, the human blood in the distal body can not return to the heart, you will feel the heart oppressed, high blood pressure and heart disease old comrades, Fitness Equipment After the movement but also to go, buffer about 10 minutes.

Note four: to master the movement time. Old friends every time the best exercise time in 40 minutes or so, left not less than 30 minutes, right not more than 1 hour. Whether it is equipment fitness or other group of fitness projects, people need to be taken seriously. Fitness Equipment It is necessary to move the body bones, but also from harm, so that the best of both worlds, only to achieve the purpose of fitness.

Fitness equipment can exercise alone to the chest, if you can not grasp the barbell bench press and other complex movements, you can start from it to practice, looking for the feeling of chest hair force; girls can also use it to push the foundation for the push-ups. Use: 1. Adjust the height of the seat, so that both sides of the height of the grip with the chest along the flush 2. Chest, Fitness Equipment shoulders back clamping, close to the back, keep this position to pull the grip 3. Breath The