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Fitness Equipment Life

Fitness equipment is mainly set up in public places, such as in urban areas, the community is more common for the daily residents of the community to provide the necessary equipment. Fitness equipment in the community's popularity is getting higher and higher, the main use of the population is still the elderly and children-based.

The main material of fitness equipment to steel as the main material for processing production. Features are strong and durable, low prices, suitable for ordinary district, small park use. Aluminum wood three materials fitness equipment, the main material to steel, aluminum, Fitness Equipment wood three materials as the main material for processing production. Features are nice, winter does not freeze hands, Fitness Equipment suitable for high-end residential, park use.

Fitness equipment life

1, with a bar surface elastic performance equipment.

Such as the horizontal bar and parallel bars; because the operator's fitness exercise from the ground higher, with a certain degree of difficulty and risk of movement, and repeated use of repeated deformation caused by easy to make the bar fatigue crack and fracture, Fitness Equipment in the reference competitive horizontal bar Safe use of life on the basis of 1 year, since October 1, 2011 the implementation of fitness equipment new national standard all the equipment safe life of 8 years.

, With rotation, swing or sliding and other equipment containing a variety of activities of the parts.

Such as walking machine, swing, swing chair, seesaw and other equipment, due to the use of the process, all kinds of active parts of the regular wear phenomenon, refer to the normal life of the normal mechanical equipment in the outdoor environment and set in the basic no People under the conditions of daily management, Fitness Equipment combined with the use of fitness equipment in use, to determine the safe life of such equipment for 4 years.

Other stable equipment without any active parts.

Such as fixed piling, balance beam (actually steel parts), fixed ladder, climbing wall, sit-up bed, etc., because there is no parts of the wear and tear, etc., in the outdoor environment and the same set in the basic No one day-to-day management of the use of conditions, since October 1, 2011 the implementation of fitness equipment, Fitness Equipment the new national standard all the equipment safe life of 8 years.

Precautions for use

1, stretch class.

Ribbed wooden frame, horizontal bar and other pressure legs to rod equipment. This kind of movement does not advocate the elderly desperately pressure leg or lift the legs very high pressure, high pressure does not mean healthy. Recommended the highest should not shoulder.

2, twisted waist class.

Older waist more stiff, twisted when the action as slow as possible, soft. Twisting too fast can lead to a small muscle around the spine, the disc will have a negative impact, Fitness Equipment may lead to disc herniation. Therefore, in doing the twisting action, to be able to do what, do not extremely distort yourself, especially not too much force.

3, aerobic equipment.

Some older people in the space walker to increase the pace, span 160 degrees to 180 degrees, the space walker as a "dynamic split legs", which is quite dangerous. Because it may lead to relaxation of the hip ligament, Fitness Equipment easily lead to dislocation. Dr. He suggested that the elderly should repeat to do some low-intensity aerobic exercise.

4, power equipment.

(1) horizontal bar. The purpose of the elderly to do the horizontal bar is mainly to stimulate the muscles, 60-year-old no need to do too fast too fast, do not need to make hundred percent effort. Fitness Equipment Moderate symptoms of disc herniation, you can arm on the horizontal bar to moderate flexion, feet to the ground, do more than half the weight of the hanging, its function is equivalent to vertical traction.

(2) in situ kicks. Patella softening of the elderly should not be.