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Fitness Equipment In Accordance With The Human Body Structure Design

Fitness equipment is what is the world's men and women in order to physical fitness, body slimming, anti-aging, disease resistance, shaping a good body shape of the various sports equipment collectively. So in such a pattern of fitness equipment, they are what kind of it? Little tape with you to find out.

Fitness equipment is divided into single-function and integrated multi-functional two categories.

Single function fitness equipment

First, the main features: a single function of the fitness area is small, Fitness Equipment only one or two fitness features, some of the more functional fitness at home use, some functions due to space constraints, and can not really play a role; and If the area is too large, each use needs to be installed or moved.

Second, the type and function: There are rowers, exercise cars, Jianbu machine, the United States and the waist machine, treadmill treadmill and so on. Their main function is that the rowing device is mainly used to increase the strength of the arm and action coordination; exercise is usually used to increase the strength of the legs to enhance the cardiovascular function of the exercise; athletes, Fitness Equipment is mainly used to exercise legs Waist and abdomen intramuscular and heart and lung function, the United States waist machine can be on the waist, Fitness Equipment back to relax massage; step machine is up and down the stairs action simulator, specifically practicing leg muscles; treadmill is mainly used to exercise legs , Hip, waist, abdominal muscles and heart and lung function; Fitness Equipment elliptical machine is a set of stroll, jogging, quiescent cycling as one of the fitness equipment, its fitness moves just with the natural step to match the human body joints will not produce Large impact and damage the body can also activities on the lower limbs of the muscle group, especially the legs and buttocks.

Multifunctional fitness equipment

First, the main features: the body can exercise the free strength and comprehensive strength, multi-functional fitness set of a variety of fitness function in one, covers an area of small, can be placed in the vast majority of parts, in accordance with the human body structure design, Fitness Equipment In line with the requirements of human nature, the general multi-functional fitness equipment are gym special equipment, men's body like to achieve fitness strong general selection of multi-functional fitness equipment, to provide muscle energy to increase muscle volume.

Second, the type and function: There are single station integrated training device, multi-function treadmill, strength-type exercise, integrated training machine, thin, fitness car, dumbbell and so on. Fitness Equipment Some of their functions have the same exercise have pectoralis major muscle, deltoid muscle, abdominal muscles, chest muscle, biceps brachii, trapezius muscle, subglottic muscle, latissimus dorsi, quadriceps, arm muscle, Muscle, waist muscles and sit-ups, twisting sports, cycling, stretch rope movement, standard horse riding, back massage and other functions.

In short, the world is no ugly people only lazy, Fitness Equipment as long as we spend some time to understand the effectiveness of fitness equipment, combined with our own reality, a lot of exercise physical function, more exercise more exercise. I believe that ugly duckling will one day become a white swan, go to fitness it!

Fitness equipment should be regularly disinfected

In modern cities due to pollution and other reasons, bacteria and bacteria and other microorganisms in the air the number is considerable, the total number of bacteria can reach about 10,000 per cubic meter. The body to carry more bacteria, these bacteria can spread the cold, tonsillitis, pneumonia, Fitness Equipment but also cause typhoid, dysentery, infectious diarrhea, viral hepatitis and other diseases. Therefore, from the epidemiological point of view, the use of public fitness equipment is likely to cause infectious diseases epidemic. Therefore, the cleaning and disinfection of fitness equipment is particularly important.