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Fitness Equipment Improves Body Constitution

Going to the gym has become a popular form of fitness, working a day of white-collar workers rushed to the gym after work. Although the gym has a professional fitness instructor, not all people are aware of the various fitness facilities in the gym. Mainly through the body for a long time, through fitness equipment appropriate intensity of exercise to promote cardiovascular movement, accelerate metabolism, enhance the heart and lung function, Fitness Equipment thereby improving the body's physique.

Fitness equipment often by the training function of how much to be divided into single function and integrated multi-functional two categories. Single-function equipment, commonly used in rowing, fitness cars, walking machines, treadmills, such as the United States waist machine.

Fitness equipment Classification Their main function is: to increase the strength of the arm: Dumbbell Grip multifunctional sit-ups board, rowing machine: Mainly used to enhance the arm force, latissimus dorsi and movement coordination ability.

Fitness equipment because of its convenience to receive more and more people like,

Five features of fitness equipment

1, flexible fitness equipment: foot pedal meihuazhuang, hands rotating turntable, Fitness Equipment can practice hands and feet, the brain's response ability and limbs and the brain's harmonic ability.

2, strength-type fitness Equipment: Some exercise strength of the instrument can be compared with the gym equipment. In addition, Fitness Equipment the horizontal bar of the primer upward, parallel bars of the two arms extension is also a good way to practice strength.

3, Bouncing fitness equipment: erected the height of the card, the degree of the beam are conducive to the two-legged bounce equipment. Using the run-up or in situ prance on these devices helps to keep the legs bouncing.

4, flexible fitness equipment: standing in a row of railings (or called ribs) on the pull ligament or overhanging legs, can improve the flexibility of the joint.

5, endurance-type fitness equipment: Similar to the treadmill, can run on the top of the run, form with running. Of course, there are many uses of the path path of the community fitness, Fitness Equipment the above classification is not absolute. According to my body condition, the combination of use is comparable.