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Electrical Safety Of Playground Equipment

With the improvement of people's living standards! Playground equipment is now increasingly popular with many children and even adults! What are some of the things to pay attention to when investing in playground equipment?

Equipment selection! At present the Internet information is developed! Single from the online understanding has not completely trusted! Playground equipment is a larger object, not like clothes or shoes! Playground Equipment Once in the selection of amusement equipment suggested that we should be able to pay a field visit, look at the company's qualifications! Business License! and other information!

Playground equipment investment can not be blindly big! Size is determined by the people around you and the ability to consume! There are no peers around! Investors must know more about the market! More analysis, Playground Equipment in order to add points for their own investment! Many people tend to think that the larger the better, playground equipment investment can not be blindly big! Playground Equipment The size of the scale is to be determined according to the surrounding crowd and consumption capacity! There are no peers around! Investors must know more about the market! Multi-analysis.

Most of the playground equipment is operated by electricity, how can playground equipment be used safely when using electricity?

1. The design function of playground equipment must meet the operational control and security requirements of the amusement facility and meet the normal conditions of use in local environment.

2. The grounding type of the low voltage distribution system of playground equipment should adopt s system; electrical equipment metal casing and not charged metal structure must be reliable grounding; Playground Equipment the protection of low-voltage power distribution system is not more than 10 euro; the design and construction of grounding devices shall conform to the requirements of the code for grounding design of industrial and civil power installations; Playground Equipment The insulation resistance between the electric loop and the ground should be no less than 1 m.

3. The height of more than 15m playground equipment should be equipped with lightning protection devices, lightning protection devices must be connected reliable, Playground Equipment the grounding resistance should not be greater than 10 euro.

4. Playground equipment shall not be set up in the high-voltage overhead transmission line, if the installation must obtain the consent of the local power management department.