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Electric Amusement Machine How To Clean?

First, Seats and not near the power of ornament

Amusement device seat is the best part of the clean, simply wash hit above the seats, clean it again. For those not near the power of the ornament, carousel top, electric coconut tree leaves are good clean. To consider and clean these places not, feel free to clean.

Second, somewhere near the power

Close to the power supply is the most difficult place to clean, how to clean only to best effect? Need near the power of good with a rag to wipe it again, but cannot make use of any liquid. If cleaning solution, then, is possible through the power into play equipment, will lead to the internal parts or scrap lead of playground equipment playground equipment aging, more severe, can lead to electric shock. Therefore no question of using cleaning solution to clean, just wipe it again with a rag.