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Distribution Density Of Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment is generally a treadmill, fitness car, elliptical machine, such as machines

Five features of fitness equipment

1, flexible fitness equipment: foot pedal meihuazhuang, hands rotating turntable, can practice hands and feet, the brain's response ability and limbs and the brain's harmonic ability.

2, strength-type fitness Equipment: Some exercise strength of fitness equipment can be compared with the gym fitness equipment. In addition, the horizontal bar of the primer upward, Fitness Equipment parallel bars of the two arms extension is also a good way to practice strength.

3, Bouncing fitness equipment: erected the height of the card, the degree of the beam are conducive to legs bouncing fitness equipment. The use of these fitness equipment on the run-up or in situ prance, Fitness Equipment help to adhere to the legs of the bounce.

4, flexible fitness equipment: standing in a row of railings (or called ribs) on the pull ligament or overhanging legs, can improve the flexibility of the joint.

5, endurance-type fitness equipment: Similar to the treadmill, Fitness Equipment can run on the top of the run, form with running. Of course, there are many uses of the path path of the community fitness, the above classification is not absolute. According to my physical condition, the combination of use is comparable.

Proportion distribution of fitness equipment and fitness space

1, the necessary functional areas have fitness equipment fitness area, generally including aerobic zone, oxygen-free zone and power zone; Independent class room, Fitness Equipment this part of the fitness area and the public fitness equipment area, including large gymnastic room, hot yoga room, dynamic cycling room; reception, business negotiation area and work (office) area, the size of the area can be determined according to the actual situation; Sauna showers, generally include showers, sauna room (dry steaming, wet steaming), changing rooms, storage rooms, water massage pool, spa services, massage room and so on.

2, expand the functional area refers to some gyms in the necessary fitness programs on the basis of increased fitness services. For example, swimming pool, taekwondo venues, Sanda venues, table tennis halls, badminton courts, tennis courts, squash arena and so on. The extended area also includes recreational and entertainment areas, such as arcade games, computer gaming rooms, etc. A nutritious restaurant is also an important item, Fitness Equipment although it is also used as an extension of the functional area, but now it has been adopted for many gyms.

3, fitness equipment distribution density. The distribution density of fitness equipment needs to consider two aspects: first, whether the fitness of adjacent fitness equipment will affect each other in the exercise, the second is the safety in the process of fitness. The former is easy to understand, Fitness Equipment and the latter we give an example to illustrate. For example, the treadmill, we need not only in the limited space of the greatest possible use of resources, but also must take into account security issues. Many fitness enthusiasts like treadmills, which sometimes run on a treadmill because of operational errors or other reasons, running at a speed that doesn't keep pace with the track. Due to the role of inertia, step over or to a certain direction, if the distance between the two too small treadmill, it will cause the adjacent treadmill of the two members of the collision phenomenon, Fitness Equipment resulting in unpredictable consequences.

4, the main room should be large enough space for the fitness to open the feeling, layout arrangements should try to avoid column. Aerobics room collar is generally equipped with a large glass mirror, to enhance the visual effect, the room will feel greater space. At the same time, Fitness Equipment the conditions of the room wall with glass, can enhance the fitness atmosphere, while maintaining the fitness equipment area "intimate contact", can improve the overall visual field of the gym.