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Design Playground Equipment Should Pay Attention To What Elements?

From play equipment design point of view, children's play equipment to meet the child's size, are designers concerned and put forward views. Ergonomics data of different ages of children can be found, but actually completed children's play equipment will appear one way or another device that is not suitable for children. Therefore, if you do one thing, or different types of children's play equipment that satisfies a certain age level or an age of children can be the size of recreational activities, we

Secondly, on scale design of children's play equipment, children's play facilities to comply with the children's own scale, is always concerned and put forward by designers point of view. Of different ages of human engineering on the scale of the child information can also be found, but often actually completed children's play facilities will recur or that is not suitable for children's play facilities. So, how to do it in one or to meet a type of children's play facilities age or ages, children can be recreational activities facilities, we hope to reach the ideal scales.

Third, security issues

This is the most important and crucial point. Safety is the base of a good children's play equipment, if even the most basic personal safety cannot be guaranteed, then play lost its necessity