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Children's Playground Operating Skills

Children 's Playground Safety Standard

First, the seat belt: can be used alone for a slight swing or slow down the speed, there is no flip without being thrown out of the dangerous facilities, the use of seat belts should generally be equipped with auxiliary handle.For the sporty facilities, Children Playground seat belts can be used as auxiliary Device.

Second, the safety of the bar: children's playground equipment, may lead to the risk of being thrown out, you must set the appropriate type of safety bars, safety bar itself must have sufficient strength and locking force to ensure that visitors do not Is thrown or dropped, Children Playground and is always locked until the device is stopped.

Third, the binding device: should be reliable, comfortable, and direct contact with the components of the appropriate flexibility. The binding device should be designed to prevent a certain part of being caught or crushed, Children Playground should be easy to adjust, easy to operate.

Children's playground operations tips

A: grasp the market trend, a clear product point

Second: innovative combination of ways to create new products

Three: change the overall environment, create a new atmosphere

Four: to strengthen the participation of tourists, innovative experience

Five: update the hardware facilities, leading the trend of the project

First, the choice of address. Children's Park is actually the main site of the problem, Children Playground the address selected on the success of the half.

Second, the business documents. For documents because of the local differences, you need to go to the local understanding.

Third, the choice of equipment. It is recommended to choose good quality and more leading, the price of your point does not matter, the quality is the first.

Fourth, publicity and advertising. This piece of words there are many ways, such as card, free play, send a small gift, etc., can be arranged according to the actual.

Fifth, later business. Need your heart to do, Children Playground learn more successful peer experience.