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Children's Playground Is Today's Explosive Fire Industry

Children's playgrounds are specialized education services for children aged 0-6, which are different from other recreational institutions. Children's playgrounds must be the first to be safe for children. Mostly in the room, Children Playground and through some creative amusement equipment and clever use of sound, light, gas, water, color combinations to achieve the purpose of entertainment early childhood training children. Physical, creative, imaginative playground.

Children's playgrounds carry out a wide range of courses, Children Playground such as three-dimensional paper-cut, art, music, English, dance and other pre-school education, but also by the practical experience, deep theoretical knowledge, the professional support of teachers. Through the scientific system of curriculum, supplemented by the international advanced education mold, Children Playground so that children in the play in the accumulation of scientific basic knowledge, learn to find problems, find empirical methods, and then master the ability to solve problems.

Children's playground projects are mostly composed of small and medium-sized children with high safety and recreational activities. Depending on the age level, there are different types of equipment for different levels of age. According to the age of children can be divided into two forms. First, the children's play center, Children Playground for children under the age of 10. Equipment selection is mostly non-mechanized soft surface of the recreational items. For example: the traditional naughty package paradise, Second, the children's recreation center, Children Playground suitable for children between the ages of 6-14 years old. According to the equipment placed on the load and height of the building have certain requirements, the basic height between 7-10 meters appropriate. Place small motorized amusement equipment, as well as participatory game items. Can design a specific theme, and with the theme of the development of peripheral products, according to the timetable activities and performances, Children Playground there is sufficient participation.

Children's playground as a new type of investment in today's market hot industry, Children Playground naturally by the numerous people respected in the current investment market come out on top。