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Children's Playground Design Concept

The children's playground can satisfy the children's imagination of adventure. With the use of environmentally friendly materials can be used to build a home in a comfortable atmosphere, both for adults in the back, but also make the lively children have fun.

The design of the children's playground focuses on the lack of natural experiences of urban children: providing a risky venue, finding natural venues, and exercising at the same time. Children Playground The terrain of the site, the characteristics of the water features, Children Playground natural rocks and lush plants to create a natural texture, a huge contrast to the scale and rough but yet elegant world.

Children are aware of the world through pleasure, learning knowledge, so the children's playground design is particularly important. Based on the analysis and exploration of children's playground design concept, this paper, combined with the current situation of children's playground in China, Children Playground highlights the sense of innovation, through the human design theory, in the children's playground design to meet the needs of children, Promote the healthy growth of children.

Children's playground; design concept; innovation

With the rapid development of society, people's quality of life significantly improved, purely for children to consider and design children's game space, in strengthening children's perception, breaking the traditional design concept of influence; in the children's game environment design how to break the " Slide "model, Children Playground in the design concept of innovation, is that we need to face and solve a serious issue. To this end, we need to children's playground design concept to extend the discussion, Children Playground so as to achieve the continuation of tradition, in the heritage to achieve the purpose of innovation.

1 children's playground design principles

The design of the children's playground is mainly based on the characteristics of children's activities in different ages. Each playground is equipped with different contents and forms of facilities according to the children of different ages, and has the characteristics of children's outdoor activities. Stronger attraction. In general, according to the requirements of children of different ages, can be divided into the following areas: children's playground, children's playground and school-age children's playground.

1.1 children's playground design concept

Children's playground is a place to meet the use of children under 3 years of age. The venue should be flat, do not set more game equipment, equipment should be smooth, simple, as far as possible rounded, Children Playground to avoid children bumps. The child is best placed in a separate area, to avoid the interference of children of other age, can be used hedge, low wall, shrub separated, the venue can be covered with soft grass or sand. An adult resting facility, such as a seat, platform, etc., should be arranged around the child's premises for the care of the child.

1.2 Children's playground design concept

Children's playground is a venue that meets the activities of children aged 3 to 7 years. The venue should be based on the activities of equipment, can be arranged slides, Trojans, rockers, swing, climbing racks, bunkers, pools, maze, etc., game equipment can be made of waste materials piled up. Children Playground In the venue can be set for some of the children's building behavior with a variety of materials, piling up a variety of modeling of the house to develop children's intelligence.

1.3 school-age children's playground design concept

School-age children's playground is a place to meet the use of children over 7 years of age. Should have a certain size, mainly sports venues, and arranged to adapt to this age children's game equipment. Because of the large scale, it can be divided into sports area, science area, game area. Children Playground Sports area layout of various types of ball venues and fitness equipment; scientific area can be arranged for some seats for learning. At the same time, can plant a lot of flowers and trees, in the game area can be arranged in the equipment climbing frame, maze, swing and so on.

2 children's playground facilities

Children's playground facilities, children to improve their cognitive ability, has a crucial role. For this reason, there is a need for facilities such as bunkers, pools, lawns and mazes in the facilities of children's playgrounds.

2.1 bunker

In the children's playground, the bunker is the most important one, especially for the younger children, the general depth of the bunkers to 30 cm is appropriate, each child game area of 1 square meters. The bunker is best in the sunny position, paying attention to keeping the sand clean and soft and regularly changing.

2.2 pool

Water is the children's favorite objects. Summer can play in the water, can skate in winter, but it is more restrictive, generally in the larger playground can be arranged diving pool, can also be arranged in the residential area of shallow and narrow moving water. The depth of the pool is generally 15 to 30 cm, the plane can choose a variety of shapes, with fountains, sculptures and some pieces of the combination of water should be replaced regularly.

2.3 lawn

The lawn is also a soft landscape where children are safe and hygienic on the lawn and are also good places for children to carry out various activities. To this end, Children Playground in the laying of lawn process, Children Playground we should pay attention to the formation of lawn, can not potholes uneven, not because of excessive wetting caused by turf soft, to children's play caused by security risks.

2.4 game wall and maze

These two facilities are the most common game facilities for children's playgrounds. Game wall can have a different plane form, the wall can also be changed, the above can have different sizes can drill into the hole drilled, allowing children to climb, board, drill, to exercise strength, Children Playground enhance the fun. The maze is a kind of game wall, it is designed as a more tortuous pattern, Children Playground height and children's height can be consistent, the children into the maze, will be lost to explore and victory break and raise interest.

3 children's playground game equipment selection

Because of the age of children, in consideration of the children's playground game equipment selection, we must children's age, safety, self-protection awareness, fun and other factors to focus on to ensure that children play in the playground happy, play Safety. To this end, in the choice of game equipment, Children Playground can focus on the establishment of slides, swing, landing gear, horizontal bar, parallel bars and other entertainment equipment.

3.1 Slide

Children's playground skating equipment mainly refers to the slide, by gravity from high to low slide, slide in the form of linear, curved, wavy, spiral, etc., Children Playground can change the direction of ups and downs, enhance children's game fun. Can also be combined with animal modeling, such as elephant's nose, giraffe's neck, etc., placement can be combined with bunkers, pools and so on.