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Children Must Know How Playground Safety Guidelines

When kids play with other children's play equipment, when not to push others, not slapstick, to follow the order to play.

Second, according to the play equipment the right game to play. For example when playing on the slide, feet down, don't turn to slide from the outside railings, do not carry a carousel horse, not to stand and play on the swings, and so on.

Third, if you want to jump down from the top, be sure to look around if there is debris, jumped to his feet on the ground, knees slightly bent.

Four, if the play equipment is wet, don't play, because wet surfaces very slippery. Also, told staff in a timely manner and let them handle it.

Five, while the children were playing in the playground, don't wear a tie or belt cord of clothes and clothes with long straps, String, backpacks, suspenders, necklaces and so might inadvertently put on the play equipment, leading to dangerous.

As long as the child can do more than a few children can safely play in the playground. Worthy of attention of parents is that children remember the code which did not necessarily do so should parents monitor their child playing, if in a hurry, and can talk to staff, let them take care of the child.