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Amusement Ride Safety Attention!

Before the tourists take rides, new play equipment, you should carefully read the ride "passenger information" to learn more about rules of play, and should look at whether the rides prominently "safety inspection certificate", not "safety inspection certificate" or "safety inspection certificate" rides that has expired, visitors do not ride.

When the tourists take rides, when the rides when there is a temporary power failure or emergency shutdown failure, visitors never panicked, listen to the command staff, do not get off on their own, nor to open the safety devices, emergency in place waiting for the staff, if you left the amusement facilities could avoid unnecessary accidents.

Visitors ride amusement facilities Shi, should follow staff of command, by order car, note head Shang and feet, so as not to bump or fell, and will easy dropped of items as phone, and coins, and key, and glasses, advance placed good, note listening to clear staff on amusement rules and operation method and the note matters of explained; in amusement facilities run Shi, visitors should pressure tight security pressure rod, Department good belt, hold security handles, security device, must not will hand, and feet, and first class parts out amusement facilities yiwai, so as not to touch injury, and scraping injury, and scrapes While visitors cannot photograph in the ride; rides run ended, tourist rides stopped completely or staff prompted, in order to get off.