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Classification Of Use Of Sports Equipment

Most of the sports equipment originated in labor tools and combat weapons. Such as javelin and bows and arrows, both the ancient human hunting tool and the ancient soldiers of the weapons, and later evolved into a modern throwing and archery equipment, and as a knife, gun, stick, stick as the representative of the Chinese folk sports equipment, Sports Equipment The development of various types of weapons from ancient times.

There are three kinds of sports equipment classification methods: ① based on sports classification of the project, which is all with the same sports related equipment and equipment classified as a class of methods, such as track and field equipment, weightlifting equipment, ice and snow equipment. ② According to the nature of sports equipment classification, generally can be divided into designated equipment, equipment, equipment and other equipment and other four categories. Designated equipment category is used by both sides of the competition, in order to avoid differences and need to specify the equipment in advance to the brand (trademark), manufacturers and specifications models; equipment is the use of their own equipment, such as racket, sailing and rowing , Equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, equipment, Equipment mainly refers to non-competition equipment, Sports Equipment usually physical training, fitness activities, sports recreational equipment. ③ According to the use of sports equipment classification, divided into competitive sports equipment, national defense military sports equipment, Chinese folk sports equipment, fitness fitness rehabilitation equipment, children's sports recreation equipment, disabled athletic equipment, auxiliary equipment.

Although the market a lot of sports equipment, but really suitable for the development of children walking jump throwing, drilling and other skills are not many materials. Wood equipment such as balance beam, etc., must be retracted indoors. This brings a lot of inconvenience. First, if prepared much more, there must be enough indoor space to store, and now most of the kindergarten construction area is very tense, Sports Equipment there can not be so much storage space. Second is not easy to use the teacher effectively. After the unified storage, the activities of these equipment to move to the appropriate venue is relatively more trouble. So the teacher sometimes only easy to choose their own children, such as skipping rope, sandbags and other small equipment. Therefore, kindergartens can be based on the activities of the venue and children's exercise needs the appropriate development of some sports equipment, both convenient for outdoor storage, Sports Equipment but also exercise a variety of children's sports capacity.

Generally large-scale, large area of kindergartens will be divided by class or age class relatively fixed outdoor sports venues. In order to ensure that children with adequate time activities and activities of equipment, sports equipment should be used to spread the strategy, so that children can facilitate the activities to reduce the burden on teachers. Such as the delivery of materials, we according to the actual situation of the park, respectively, in the three activities of the venue placed suitable for early childhood activities, Sports Equipment conducive to the development of walking, running, jumping, throwing, drilling and other diverse capacity of self-made PV Tube sports equipment. In our kindergarten on the north side of the large class of activities on the venue, we put 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters high basketball, volleyball, 1.6 meters high touch the elevated, spider web climbing frame, 40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm three Kind of height of the hurdle and soccer door and other suitable for large classes of children's activities of the equipment.

In the kindergarten on the southeast side of the middle of the venue where we put a 1 meter, 1.3 meters high basketball, volleyball, 1.2 height of the elevated, spider web climbing frame, 30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm three heights Of the hurdle and the development of children creeping ability to crawl and other suitable middle school children activities of the equipment. In the kindergarten northwest side of the small class activities on the venue put a small class of children like the small cart, small wheel car, 1 meter high basketball and balance wood and other equipment. Sports Equipment Such a decentralized delivery to facilitate the age of each child at any time pick and place, to reduce the waiting time and finishing time to avoid the time of the hidden waste, to ensure maximum children 2 hours of outdoor sports activities.