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Playground design to facilitate youth development

Along with the United Kingdom public health officials are increasingly concerned about low physical effects of exercise for the growth and development of young people, Garden researchers in the country also began to put more effort into research on how to attract young people engaged in outdoor activities.

Not long ago, the gardening expert nigulalidegesi (NicolaRidgers) and her colleagues had just completed a "junior rides physical response" research. Their United Kingdom 26 schools for the 470 pupils in 6 weeks and 6 months of surveys to monitor, understand their muscles, bones and heart control system response to different sports facilities, and identify the facility more suited to the physical condition of young people, which need to be adjusted. Their playground design are appropriately adjusted according to the results, found that primary school students to ride hobby has been greatly enhanced. And because it is more in the past to engage in outdoor sports, young people's bodily functions has enhanced. And active longer, enhance the effect more obvious.

Let research personnel was pleased of is, in national sports playground improved Department of help Xia, recently participation survey of 15 by school according to test results on their of playground for has following alterations: will playground divided for three a space, and different species color for distinguish – – – red representative movement, blue representative integrated activities, yellow representative rest district; in red regional built football door column and basketball box, and has fence wall be protection; in yellow District established agents district; in red and blue district added activities facilities, as football, and Rope skipping, tennis, etc.

"Facts, actively engaged in outdoor sports at recess significantly promoted the physical and mental health of young people. Designers in designing playgrounds and related facilities are also know about these details, so as to make the design more practical, more useful to the user's physical and mental development. "Nikolai said.

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