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Children's play facilities description

One, a description of:

Children's large portfolio of recreational facilities can accommodate several children at the same time for free play. Can from all azimuth climbed Center platform, again along multiple slide, and sliding tube or sliding Rod River, one by one feel climbed, and climbed, and sliding to people brings of fun; also also can from East to West or from West to East full pass play, full feel drill, and climbed, and jumped, and swing, and sliding of fun, experience adventure, and challenge of stimulus, exercise coordination, and balance, and power, and endurance, quality, training dared to attempts to, and courage to adventure of quality. Children's plastic toys, seesaw, swings, swings happy (rocking horse, rocking cradles), climbing frames, children's physical and mental exercise, exercise their positive attitude!

Second, material description:

1, slide, roof, fence boards and other plastic components imported colored plastic, low-density polyethylene added UV stabilizers and Antistatic agent, no poison, no smell, no allergic reaction to the skin without irritation, safety and environmental protection. Surface treatment: die-cast surfaces, smooth surface, without distortion, finished inside and outside smooth, good weather resistance, resists fading.

2, the main column and platform steel class, main pillar for pipe 114MM diameter, the thickness of 2MM with a special process descaling, sanding, with imported plastic powder on the surface by double-level spraying, high temperature curing, the surface is smooth, UV-resistant, rich vivid color, easy off, a long time new, comfortable, safe and reliable;

Part 3, connectors, fasteners, steel parts using mechanical polishing-degreasing – pickling – zinc-passivated high-temperature-dry-heat stamping advanced technology such as spray hit touch injury prevention, safe and reliable;

4, rope-like components using nautical marine rope, diameter 16mm, core stainless steel wire coat rope, safe and elegant.