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Children's play equipment safety knowledge!

Note by note: striking place in children's play equipment is installed "For Passengers", to read carefully before riding, do not go over the fence. Before boarding the passengers must wait outside the security fence, who for a long time to wait in line, must not go over the fence.

Safety inspection certificate: according to state regulations, amusement and recreational units used in periodic inspection cycle for one year, where the rides they passed safety inspection, safety inspection certificate issued by the quality and technology supervision departments, and pasted in prominent parts of rides, visitors do not ride are not checked, unqualified or extended rides that are not checked.

Follow the service conductor: passengers in accordance with the order of the command staff from top to bottom. When getting on and off, note on the head and feet, so as not to bump or fall.

Note fasten your seat belts: on the rides before they stopped do not get grabbed, to fasten your seat belt when you ride, check the safety and reliability, running both hands clenched safety handles or other safety devices, seat belts must not be untied.

Do not stand to take photographs during the operation of recreational facilities, must not be free to stand or squat, photographed in the operation is not allowed....